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History in  Games: I played games since I was a kid and I really enjoyed them. I remember just staying up at night playing on my for gameboy (it had no light of course). I play variety games so from horror to shooter to animal crossing, I play it all and im not half bad either. >:)
Do you have a favorite  video game character and why: My favorite video game character is Sonic, I just remember when my parents finally got me sonic the hedgehog game and I never felt so happy to run first and collect coins as fast as I could. 
First Competitive experience: TeamFight Tactics. My highest rank is Diamond IV
Where I see myself this Year: Growing on twitch as a Content Creator and Passing my nursing classes 🙂 
Do I play any other games: Yes. I play Valorant, TFT, Mario Cart, Paper mario, League of Legends, Mortal Kombat, Fortnite, and Smash Bros. 
How is my Local Scene: Very Chill 
Best moment in  Game History: Reaching Twitch Affiliate in 2 weeks from starting stream. It was AMAZING
How do I train: I play for fun ! 
My Sacrifices: I make time for things I love. Its just as simple as that Chief, 
How do I feel about joining Sonicboxx: EXCITED !!! ^_^
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