Age: 19
Hometown: Washington D.C.
First Fighting Game: Tekken 5
History in Fighting Games: Well at age 13 when I first saw Sako won Super Street Fighter 4 arcade edition Evo 2013 which was one of my favorite fighting game franchises. That was the day I caught eyes on wanting to be apart of the FGC competing. My experience playing Tekken 5, the first character I picked up was Jin Kazama I felt he was mid tier because of his balanced playstyle and decent damaged combos which I felt comfortable with and then I went to Marshall Law, I realized he was stronger than Jin because he has faster high-low strings with great damage potential so that’s when I decided to play Law more in future Tekken games.
 How far did I come to pick my favorite character:  I came pretty far for a beginner I never thought I win my very first Local on Street Fighter V with Ed and other Locals such as Xandu at Arbutus, Maryland, the Cave at Fairfax, Virginia, and top 32 at a major NEC18. I feel myself getting better as a player also. What I have found appealing to Ed’s playstyle was his backdash and how I can space myself with pokes and footsies alone with a solid neutral and once I get close that’s when Ed’s high damage combos kicks in kind of like how players would play Tekken, which is also how I play Tekken.
First Competitive experience: Xanadu at Arbutus, Maryland best first experience ever, I met alotta new people even a good friend I met and played with Online that I’d never thought I’d meet in person known as SalientArmz he mains F.A.N.G and I still practice and play with him to this day. No one knew me because I was a beginner some thought I was free and some didn’t because they saw how I confident I was and that very first Local I competed in I won 1st place with a low tier character  (Ed) at Grand Finals against Steve H (Ryu main) ThatDarkKnight behind me recording while SalientArmz on the left, coaching me and thanks to them I started to adapt to what my opponent was doing and I won. What I learn about myself and the FGC is that no matter what be humble and helpful to others and and to take pride in ourselves and what we do to make the community a better environment.  
Where I see myself this Year: I see myself to grow as a better player as long as I’am consistent with upcoming Locals and Majors.
Do I play any other games: To an extent I do but I’ve been so stuck  into competing so I only play one game which is Street Fighter V.
How is my Local Scene: We’re actually a tight knit group of people. Relatively strong compared to other scenes. We have several weekly events and well as consistent monthlies. Sometimes NY and Philly come down to play. The competition is fierce but in the end we’re just helping each other get better. I also want to give a shout out to Brandon Proctor AKA ThatDarkKnight as one of the best commentators, and coaches.
How do I prepare myself for a Tournament: I prepare by playing Casuals with my fellow D.M.V. Members/friends who play as much as I do and I always breathe and drink water.
Best moment in Fighting Game History: When LI Joe made Top 8 at Evo 2016 on Street Fighter V and almost made it to finals. The moment I saw that was the moment I realized anything is possible and if he could do it,  I can.
How do I train: I train by playing in Practice mode for 25 minutes or more, playing Casuals with other great players online such as my D.M.V. members, drinking plenty of water and watching tutorials, compilations and tips for the Characters that I main on YouTube.
My Sacrifices: Money and losing. Losing can be a big sacrifice to most players who travel very far but if we keep our head up, learn from our loss/mistakes and watch the tournament till the very end in the spectator seats then there’s always hope and a chance to achieve our goal.
How do I feel about joining Sonicboxx: I feel honored and blessed to be a part of one of the best teams in the FGC. I just hope to get as many life lessons, and experiences I possibly can because there’s still more to know about being in  Sponsorships, traveling making it there and back because I’m young and I’m willing to learn not only for myself as a player but for myself as a young individual.
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