Do you have a favorite  video game character and why: Sonic The Hedgehog, before my mother passed away from Cancer she would always play sonic games with me and as I got older I started to want to live a free life like sonic, hes always smiling at the face of danger and always helping people in trouble, which is what I go by in life, smile and help others.
First Competitive experience: I was playing Smash 4 at the time, me and brothers had no clue what competitive was until we saw an ad on Facebook about a Smash bros tournament on grand concourse NY, we had went and saw over 30 people and i was a little scared but then I wanted to win because I thought i was the best until reality kicked in lmao and I lost fast and then I started to go every week to get better. 
Where I see myself this Year: my goal this year for 2020 is to get out of pools in a CPT event and also start streaming.
Do I play any other games: I play Smash Ultimate as my secondary Competitive game as SFV is my main.
How is my Local Scene: Encore Esports in New Rochelle is a great place to go to, I also have NLBC which all the heavy hitters are at, more competition the better!
Best moment in  Game History: When I won my first Local event at Encore Esports, It was a 40 man bracket and I had beaten the best player PRC at my local , also getting a Bracket Reset with Ed is still one of my greatest moments.
How do I train: I always take 2 to 5 hrs to have sets with my teammate and one of my closes friends GetWreck, I also train with a good friend named Shoryu. I was stuck at one point but they helped me evolve myself to the player I am now.
My Sacrifices: I always put myself in front of others , im always helping anyone in need of help, which is one of my biggest weaknesses as a person but if thats what people will remember me by and thats helping others then its something worth standing for.
How do I feel about joining Sonicboxx: Honestly I was nervous at first because I didn’t want to disappoint my Manager, I felt I had alot of weight because its such a great team but if it wasn’t for GetWreck I probably wouldn’t have found my footing with the team, now it feels more like a family then a Team. I love it here and ill be spending more years to come with the team .
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