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The History Behind SONICBOXX

Sonicboxx was founded in 2014 by owner Darren Sligh. He competed at a high level for Track and Field. Thus the name "Sonic". Orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. "Boxx" is the technology aspect of the company whom competes in the realm of E-sports. Such tour as Street Fighter V and other gaming events throughout the world. Many Championship were brought to our establishments by our players. Another part of our technology will be a functional app in the future.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

If you looking to customize your apparel and to build business credit:
Your in the right location.
Esports is becoming a global Phenomenon


Premier player and Vega specialist who won against the best in the circuit. Representing Panama!


Is young and currently becoming the future competing at a high level. Won against Nuckledu and word quickly spread.

KINGJAK Fomerly EdoBlaze

A great teammate who is willing to speak his mind about global topics and eager to learn. Training everyday and grasping the aspects of multiple games.

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